Crazy Cakes for Congress

“I’m Brianna Wu and I sound like a robot”

And who is this lovely lady who is going to bring us a “bolder” democratic party?  Well…

The Wacky World of Wu: The Tortured History of GamerGate’s Self-Styled Feminist Martyr

GamerGate is not a “transphobic” movement, as you may have been misled to believe, but there is certainly much discussion of transgenderism swirling around the GamerGate maelstrom–mainly because one of the movement’s leading feminist detractors, it can now be revealed, used to be a man.

Wu, who has been engaged in an exhaustive press tour in recent months writing op-eds in a handful of online outlets, claiming that her life is in danger and that she is standing up for women in the games industry, is in fact, we can reveal, merely an unstable internet troll with a long history of mendacity and emotionally disturbed online outbursts.

This is old history for anyone in Gamergate, but most of the people who might hear his/her ad for the congressional run won’t know what Gamergate is.  (They’ll hear “alt-right” and think “oh that’s a bad thing.”)

Sadly it doesn’t look like we’re going to get a Congressman Brianna Wu. According to the Boston Globe:

Wu might face an uphill battle for the seat, as all of Massachusetts’ nine Congressional seats are occupied by Democrats.

Maybe Wu can use her trolling skills to take out her opponents?  This could be one awesome race.


Author: Nixon

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