Democracy in Kekistan

Was Tocqueville an Altright Internet Troll? “Conservative” social climbers abuse his teaching as part of neurotic postmodern identity-invention project.


I can say from my own experience around tweed-jacket conservative pundit types, that there’s almost no other writer they enjoy bringing up more than Tocqueville. They consider him the father or step-godfather of their movement….

In regard to the central matter of this election — the problem of mass migration and demographic change — and in regard to the slur of “nativism” used against Trump’s supporters, what does Tocqueville have to say in Democracy in America? In a passage carefully avoided by conservative intellectuals who otherwise pretend to adulate him, Tocqueville says that “the customs of the Americans of the United States are…the peculiar cause which renders that people the only one of the American nations that is able to support a democratic government.” And so in his own words and most emphatically, Tocqueville reminds the reader of the importance and supremacy of custom or culture — by necessity inherited and slow-changing — over mere written laws or institutions, let alone ideological “principles.”

America is, after all, a culture and a people, a country, and not merely an idea. Tocqueville frankly identifies the United States with the Anglo-Americans and in a few important passages explicitly compares their customs to those of South America and in particular to Mexico

He’s got some very interesting points about both Tocqueville’s “white supremacy” and the problem with our conservative pundit class.



Author: Nixon

2 thoughts on “Democracy in Kekistan”

  1. Very interesting. This: “The further America moves away from its Anglo-American population base and culture, the less it will be able to attain republican government, liberty, or prosperity.” And this: “Sympathetic observers must come to terms with the failure of American conservatism to preserve anything of consequence.”

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