An Unlikely Alliance

Finally at least one feminist group has woken up to the insanity of supporting the “rights” of “trans-people” to use the bathroom of their choice.  Girl Power on Girls’ Showers:

If you think a partnership between PETA and the red-meat eaters of America would be odd, try this one on for size: the Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) and the Family Policy Alliance. That’s right. If there’s one thing President Obama’s outrageous bathroom mandate has accomplished, it’s bringing together all kinds of unlikely viewpoints. Feminists and Christians aren’t exactly natural allies, but when it comes to protecting the safety and privacy of America’s girls, count them as comrades. The idea that men and boys should be able to walk right into girls’ locker rooms, showers, and restrooms is so offensive that the two sides are teaming up to topple the Obama policy.

On Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Show,” WoLF Board Chair Kara Dansky explained how objectionable the idea is. “We think that ‘women and girls’ are a meaningful category worthy of civil rights protection. If we define sex, under Title IX, to mean gender identity, what we’re essentially says is that ‘woman and girl’ can mean anyone who self-identifies as ‘woman and girl,’ which makes the category ‘women and girls’ meaningless…” Then, in a bit of irony, Dansky went on to talk about the unreasonable labels LGBT activists put on them for defecting. “We’re called transphobic bigots because we ask questions about gender identity,” Dansky said. “We’re asking questions and we’re standing up for women and girls. And that seems to be not permitted.” Welcome to our world! Without the facts and biology stacked against them, liberals have to resort to distractions and name-calling.


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