In defense of Milo

It’s looking like a carefully orchestrated long-in-the-planning hit job?  They couldn’t make “nazi” or “white supremacist” stick so they had to up the ante and go for “pedophile” to shut him up.  Is it just me or has the whole world actually gone insane — or maybe this is nothing new, we’re just now becoming aware of it?  The stuff I’m reading/seeing is really playing out like some sort of crazy conspiracy theory book or movie.  But every day more evidence is piling up making it sound more convincing.

Milo’s response makes me feel sad. Milo sometimes says very stupid things, but anyone who knows anything about how his childhood and adolescence went shouldn’t be shocked.  Some people (including those who identify themselves as victims of child abuse) have claimed that the way Milo has talked about this topic and his “jokes” are coping mechanisms and that he hasn’t really dealt with any of the trauma of his past.  I  can see that.  I also think that when he talks about underage boys, he is thinking of himself as such and not thinking from the position of a protective adult or parent (things he seems to have lacked during his own childhood).  It’s all terribly sad, but having read and watched Milo for some time, none of this situation surprises me, including this:


Mike Cernovich says $250K was spent to dig up dirt on Milo and keep him out of CPAC. Cernovich is one paranoid dude, but that might be a reasonable response:

Vox Day has several responses on his blog already and has offered to publish Milo’s now-canceled book, Dangerous.  I wonder if he thinks Milo should have apologized – is this an exception to the don’t apologize rule?  Day’s story seems to line up with Cernovich’s; he reported intel that there are forces working to dig up and use dirt on many on the right and had this to say:

Keep that in mind if you feel inclined to wax indignant and turn your back in huffy righteousness on Milo, Gavin, Steve, Laura, Ann, or Anthony. Or, eventually, Mike Cernovich, Stefan Molyneux, and me. You are being played by the Left. You are, quite literally, serving their interests.

One of the worst problems with this news cycle is the hypocrisy: why not call out all those liberals who have been implicated or connected to sex crimes in some way?  Why doesn’t anyone care about Lena Dunham’s disgusting admissions about her own actions against her little sister?  There are plenty other examples.  Salon jumped on the attack Milo bandwagon and conveniently removed past pro-pedophile content.  And then there’s Jake Tapper who has been vocal in attacking Milo who is possibly linked to Podesta.  And hasn’t bothered to report or be concerned about pedophilia until now that Milo’s scandal comes out and so becomes an example of the inconsistency and hypocrisy of the left.  They ignore the horrendous sins of the leftists but attack anyone on the right who slipped up in the past in any way (and if they didn’t really, try to manufacture some scandal):


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