A Crusade Led by the Broken

At the risk of turning this into an all-Milo-all-the-time blog, I have to say: Stefan Molyneux is completely wrong.

For those who haven’t the 45+ minutes to watch, Molyneux essentially tells a child abuse victim that the only way to make up for the comments that he made is to go on an anti-child abuse crusade.  And he essentially accuses Milo of lying by dismissing what he said about “boy” meaning young man.

Now Molyneux is right that the best thing to do is to expose those people that molested Milo, to bring them to justice and keep them from ever harming another child, but he is not looking at this from the point of view of a victim, especially not of one who has not dealt with the abuse.  A person who is that psychologically damaged is not likely to be able to turn around and fight.  It takes years, decades, for some people to come to grips with what happened and from what Milo has said, it looks pretty clear that he’s nowhere near that.

The issue of the gay-sex-drug-orgy Hollywood parties is even stupider.  Okay, so Milo said he went to some parties where there where lots of drugs and “very young boys.”  Molyneux turns that into “child rape parties”  and demands that Milo “name names.”  Of course Milo should name names!  We should drag it all out into the open so these people can be prosecuted and thrown in jail just like Bryan Singer was!  OH WAIT

That’s right.  NOTHING HAPPENED TO BRYAN SINGER.  Despite numerous accusations of child abuse and pedophilia in Hollywood, how many people are in jail for it?  Hows about none.  If Milo trotted out and accused a bunch of people of pedophilia, HE’S the one who would go to jail.  They’d sue him so fast it would make your head spin.  You need hard as rock evidence which no one has managed as of yet.  Hollywood protects its own.

I’m not sure what kind of mind reading powers Molyneux has that he’s able to say what Milo really meant or that Milo couldn’t possibly change his mind about comments made over a year ago in “forty-eight hours.”  There are rarely good or easy answers when it comes to dealing with child abuse.  Yes, it is abhorrent.  Yes, it must be stopped.  No, you cannot necessary hold victims responsible for how they deal with it.  They need to be healed before anyone can expect them of being capable of being able to confront what happened to them and to be able to help other people who might also have suffered.


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