March 4 Trump

Over the weekend, across the nation “from Colorado’s state Capitol to Trump Tower in New York and the Washington Monument, groups of hundreds of people rallied for President Donald Trump.”  The crowds that came out to support Our President were incredibly diverse.  Check out Joy Villa’s speech in DC and how she turns the left’s treasured words, love and tolerance, back on them.

While many rallies went well, and Trump made a brief appearance at one, Berkeley was again a touch point for the conflict between Trump supporters and opponents (though it wasn’t the only one: antifas trying to pick a fight with a big vet at the Texas rally).  If the hysterics of the left and their violent tactics make you think the world is going crazy, you’re not alone.  Some Black Guy described it thus, “we’ve entered into a place where… fiction has started to merge with reality.”  Others aren’t shocked, saying this escalation of violence is to be expected and may be only the beginning if the Left won’t stop attacking. Quite a few people on the Right are singing to same old song about violence never being justified.  But can that be true?  Don’t they believe in self-defense and defense of others?

The march at Berkeley was planned to support President Trump and freedom of speech, partly in response to the riots that prevented Milo from speaking there.  The result was unsurprising: counter-protesters (aka antifa/black bloc) showed up and violence broke out.  This time however the violence wasn’t as one-sided.  Having learned a thing or two from the Milo Riots, many Trump supporters came prepared.  Some, like instant internet sensation BasedStickMan, fought back.  These folks will be presented badly in the media, no doubt, but can you really blame them?  At some point, people can only take so much.  If you look at the video slowed down, it does look like he’s acting to defend someone who is being attacked.  I haven’t been able to find footage leading up to this incident to give more context.  Unfortunately, he was arrested and faces some pretty serious charges.

UPDATE: at beginning of this it shows that Based Stick Man’s friend (the guy with the red helmet and “tacti-kilt” – they’re seen together chatting elsewhere) is being attacked.  He’s apparently defending his friend (and perhaps others).

Based Stick Man

According to attendees (and a CBS affiliate), the police were almost as passive as at the previous Berkeley riots.  The antifas stole and burned MAGA hats, signs (including one that said “free speech”) and flags.  They beat people bloody and pepper sprayed them – including little Asian women and old men.  The images of harassing older men (often vets) and women are really disgusting.  And they of course attacked people when their backs were turned and wore masks – because they’re so virtuous and brave.

There are dozens (probably more) videos on the marches with hours and hours of footage so it’s hard to sift through.  Here’s one where a lady asks, “can’t we be peaceful?” while antifas get in the faces of Trump supporters:

In case you can’t stand to watch 20+min of raw footage, here are few “highlights” from the following vid.  Based Stick Man appears at the beginning talking, disavowing white supremacism, being heckled, trying to avoid a confrontation while explaining why he came dressed as he was.  Also, could that be Yvette Felarca (the pro-violence lady Tucker interviewed) at 3min chanting “racist scum get out of the way” and holding a sign?  It probably is.  Somebody keep yells “stop using violence” and “why are you attacking us?” at the antifas while they’re throwing smoke bombs at the patriots.  The antifas chant cleverly: “F%#k Donald Trump!”  You can hear Trump supporters say things like, “I don’t want to fight ya’ll.”  Several patriots try to engage the antifas in conversation/debate but the answer is usually name-calling and expletives.

Fox News interviews a mom who was there:


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