Transparency in government? Not!

D.C.’s assisted suicide law is a terrible law. The law is written so that its results cannot be seen or tracked. The attending physician does not put suicide or assisted suicide or drug overdose as the cause of death on the death certificate but rather the underlying medical condition which led the person to ask for assisted suicide. If they eventually allow assisted suicide for depression as they are in some European countries, will the cause of death be listed as depression? Oh, right, they can always say “heart failure”.

Doctors can’t use the words suicide, killing, or homicide because these are illegal in D.C. The law says, “Actions taken in accordance with this act do not constitute suicide, assisted suicide, mercy killing or homicide.” Once the prescription is filled there is no oversight. The lethal drugs are called “covered medication” for the “purpose of ending a person’s life.”

This is hiding the truth, it is one big lie. This is evil.



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