The Demon Does Not Go Back into the Bottle

Shia LaBeouf Has Moved His “He Will Not Divide Us” Art Piece To A Mystery Location

Shia LaBeouf’s troubled art project “He Will Not Divide Us” has popped up in a new, unknown location. The installation began its life in New York, but was moved to Albuquerque after LaBeouf was arrested following a run in with an alt-right protestor. More problems arose in New Mexico when shots were heard in the area surrounding the art piece.

However, “He Will Not Divide Us” is back up and running and has taken on a new form. “On March 8, 2017, the project moved to an unknown location,” a statement on the official He Will Not Divide Us site reads. “A flag emblazoned with the words ‘HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US’ will be flown for the duration.” Footage of the flag is being streamed online.

That should solve his problems.  There’s no way that /pol/ could possibly figure out where it was just from a picture of the sky… oh.

In less than 48 hour no less.  Forget the US intelligence complex, let’s just replace the kit and caboodle with /pol/ and the weaponized autists.  Man, they can do anything.  And poor Shia… he’s never going to escape them.


Author: Nixon

2 thoughts on “The Demon Does Not Go Back into the Bottle”

  1. This is hilarious! If Shia doesn’t end up in a mental institution by the end of all this it’ll be a great surprise. According to comments on youtube, it’s a MAGA hat and “Alt-Right is alright” t-shirt and the autists: “analyzed 2 airliner con trails and a trail of migrating birds against FAA and wildlife data to pinpoint its location within the continental united states. Within 24 hours they had weaponized autists filming the site from multiple angles.. leading to this footage. The NSA would have taken longer to produce this kind of data” and they used stars of course too. However they did it – good work guys!

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