Don’t know what it is? Read this:

Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also…Increasingly Unequal Justice for Whites

By the way, I keep hearing that “diversity is our strength”, but there is never a shred of data to support it. Heck, even the terms remain undefined.  So…

[T]he Ruling Class is putting whites, especially working class whites, on notice that self-defense or even rude speech against blacks can lead to ruinous punishment by the state. In contrast, the light sentence in the Washington DC case is a wink from the Ruling Class to carry out further acts of violence in the future against joint political opponents.

The late Sam Francis’ concept of anarcho-tyranny appears more relevant every day, as illegal aliens, Leftist protesters and anti-white ethnic activists operate in a kind of twilight zone unrestrained by either law or morality.





Author: Stephenson Link

I like long walks around the boiler.

One thought on “Anarcho-tyranny?”

  1. This:
    “The real question: why groups whose only purpose is to repress violently the speech of those they don’t like are allowed to operate freely—while the scattered individuals who oppose them are punished with the full power of the state. The answer: the ‘law’ is simply a reflection of our Ruling Class’s power, rather than something which operates to protect all people.”


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