Feminists: Treating the image of history’s most important and holy woman with disrespect empowers women!

If you thought the recent women’s march was bad…

US feminists are being one-upped by the vulgarity and blasphemy of the Argentine feminists.  International Women’s Day was just marked in the US by encouraging women to protest “inequality” and stay home from work or otherwise shirk responsibilities, not by staging a “bloody fake abortion on a woman dressed as Virgin Mary.”

Feminists in pink masks pretended to commit an abortion on a woman dressed as the Virgin Mary outside a northern Argentina cathedral as part of an International Women’s Day protest last week…

Meanwhile, in Buenos Aires, participants in an International Women’s Day march tried to set the city’s cathedral on fire. They attacked a lone man who held a Vatican flag and tried to defend the cathedral.

Or maybe those US feminists are still in the running:

At the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. in January 2017, a protester carried a sign depicting Our Lady of Guadalupe as a bloody vagina.

Yet again these “ladies” show their priorities.  How does insulting an important female holy figure further female “empowerment?”  Perverting and insulting the image of the Virgin Mary doesn’t exactly translate into empowering or respecting women.

2 thoughts on “Feminists: Treating the image of history’s most important and holy woman with disrespect empowers women!”

  1. They have a point; were there better sex ed in schools and better access to contraceptives; the number of abortions (and the need for them) would greatly decrease.


  2. Nope, wrong on both counts, Jamie.
    1) The only point these women proved was that they have no respect for Christian religious figures (do you think it would have been ok if someone held a staged “beheading” of a guy dressed up as Muhammad?), no respect for other women, or even for themselves. And that they have no taste or decency — did you actually look at the picture in the link?! Ok, they also proved that feminists worship abortion and like to recreate it in it’s gory, bloody glory – fake body parts being ripped out and all! What do you think they were trying to prove by trying to set the cathedral on fire or attacking the man trying to stop them?
    2) Planned Parenthood-style “comprehensive sex-ed” only serves to encourage promiscuous risk-taking behavior and more use of birth control in situations where people see having a baby as “the end of the world” leads to more abortions because every method of birth control has a failure rate (yes, even a perfect use failure rate, and perfect use is impossible to achieve across the board) and so abortion is the backup “birth control.” If you don’t know this, you may have been getting too much of your info from PP propaganda. Believing any of PP’s info on the subject is like believing the study that “proves” lung cancer is never linked to tobacco use when the study was fully funded by tobacco companies. Look up the real facts. Or just talk to your friends and neighbors who use birth control and you’ll learn about many, many birth control “failures” whether that means they’ve got an “unplanned” kid or two or have had an abortion.


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