The Primal Wound

White girl with a Korean mom thought she was adopted. The truth was more unsettling.

Jessica Kern found out she was born of a surrogate mother. You really need to read her story. One of the things that struck me was the connection between the feelings of the adoptive children, how they long to know their real parents, and the theology of the body. The bond between mother and child cannot be erased or transferred easily.  The church is right to oppose surrogacy.

Kern also talked about the “primal wound,” an idea promulgated by Nancy Verrier in her book of the same name.  In the Breeders documentary, the author explains, “The primal wound is what happens when you separate a baby and its mother.  Babies know their own mother through all their senses, and when for some reason … the baby is separated from that mother, the prenatal bonding is interrupted, there is a trauma that happens to both the baby and the mother, and they both feel as if something is missing within them.”


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