HWNDU Season 5?

HWNDU Season 5 Poster

Bwahahahaha!  Yeah, that’s probably the sound you’ll be able to hear ringing through the depths of the internet — 4chan etc. — as they prepare for Season 5.

Shia, apparently bent on his own mental destruction, is playing a game he cannot win. Sad for him maybe.  But entertaining for the rest of us.  The rumor is that Helsinki is the next location for He Will Not Divide Us.  If it is, they can expect the trolls to be lying in wait before the even finish setting up.

Shia Labeouf, Luke Turner and Nastja Rönkko’s ‘He Will Not Divide Us’ livestream has recently become less anti-Trump protest art and more an international game of capture the flag, waged between artists and the combined efforts of 4chan and 8chan…

So where will the stream go next? Members of 8chan’s HWNDU board are speculating the new location will be in Helsinki, Finland. 

It sounds random, but it’s actually quite logical. The stream started in America, Labeouf’s home country, then moved to England, the home country of Luke Turner. Nastja Rönkko is a native of Helsinki, so it seems only fair the group will give her home country the next shot.

Labeouf, Turner and Rönkko will be participating in the ARS17 exhibition for contemporary art at the Kiasma Modern Arts Museum in Helsinki. The exhibition starts this Friday, but it is unclear when the group will arrive at the museum…

Helsinki would appear to be a good place that is out of the reach of pro-Trump trolls, but appearances can be deceiving. The HWNDU board is already preparing a heist on the Kiasma Museum if the stream is placed there. Multiple members of the board claim to live in or around Helsinki and are standing by to troll the stream.

The Fins also have a message board called Ylilauta, which functions much like 4chan and 8chan, and many of its users have already volunteered for the trolling operation.

No word yet from the artists where the next location (Season 5) will be, but they can certainly expect a warm welcome for them in Finland. The stream probably would not last more than a day.

Also amusing: The Washington Post featured an article about the whole thing – HWNDU and all the ensuing trolling!  Even though they negatively characterized 4chan as the source of “the misogyny of Gamergate” among other evils, some of what they included was surprising (including a tweet by WaPo is Fake News — did they just miss that?).  If you’re already in the know about the HWNDU game, this article isn’t informative, but it’s interesting that they are reporting on it in such detail and that they used the terminology of Shia’s opposition (“Season 1”, etc.) to talk about its chronology.


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