Fur Supremacy

Just when you thought the world couldn’t get any weirder…

The Furred Reich! Furry annual convention cancelled amid community’s bitter divisions over rise of alleged neo-Nazi Mr ‘Foxler’ and the ‘altfur’ movement

The rise of the alt-right movement has many people nervous about the spread of neo-Nazi sympathies – and the furry community is apparently not immune to these political trends.

In shocking news, the Rocky Mountain Fur Con, the annual event that brings together furries, has been canceled after a splinter group known as the Furry Raiders came under fire for embracing ‘altfur’ symbols similar to those of Nazis and fascists.

The chairman of the event posted a message on Twitter saying that the Furry Raiders have started to promote intolerance within the furry community.

‘The furry community and Rocky Mountain Fur Con have always strived to be a place of inclusion; a place where furs from all walks of life, differing religious, political, social and personal views can come together to celebrate the thing that we have in common, the love of our fandom,’ wrote Sorin, the chairman of Rocky Mountain Fur Con.

‘People overreacted [to the paw print armband],’ [ Zachary Brooks] told The Denver Post.

‘As it got more and more heated, people started talking about beating up people wearing the symbol.’

‘They said “We’ve got a right to protect ourselves and we are going to bring weapons”.’

The threats of violence forced convention organizers to require more security, the cost of which turned out to be prohibitive.

The interesting thing to note is that the threats of violence which closed the con came not from the supposed neo-Nazis but from everybody else.

Alt-furries have been a thing for a while.  They’ve even been disavowed by Richard Spencer.  Qu Qu explained what alt-furry was to Castalia House a couple months ago:

#AltFurry is an EXPLICITLY right-wing and EXPLICITLY radical furry political movement. It will stand as a bulwark against the furry fandom completely surrendering to the excesses of the left. It’s motto is “We must ensure the existence of our species, and a future for Furry children” and its core principles are “Anti-speciesism is code for anti-furry” and “species-mixing is furry genocide”.

It is also a furry supremacy movement. Too long has social justice rhetoric been used to advantage one group of humans over another. It’s us non-humans’s turn to utilize the same absurd rhetoric to point out human privilege wherever we see it, and institute furry affirmative action policies to take down the homosapientarchy. This includes demands for increased furry representation in media, demands that people unpack the knapsack of human privilege when performing cultural criticism, putting an end to humansplaining, seeking legal permission to wear a fursuit in driver’s license photography, getting the phrase “yiff in hell furfag” labeled as hate speech, and more.

Now this may all be trolling but that doesn’t stop alt-furry from being a serious thing.  While the New Statesman made sure to point out any time someone was guilty of making anti-semitic jokes, they did mention this:

“The furry ‘community’ is a fandom that has been overrun by liberal ‘tolerance’ and ‘acceptance’ and as a result it’s become sanctuary to hardcore paedophiles and people with serious mental problems,” he claims. “The furry fandom needs to become more vigilant, and having a right wing is a big part of that.”

A furry who wished to be identified only as “Mink” agrees. He tells me that the #AltFurry movement is about “bringing a new line of hope within the degenerate filth that is the furry fandom”. They want to “cleanse” furries to be less “heretical” and “degenerate” and thus “bring furs into a new light”.

Why is it that the people being excoriated as neo-Nazis are the ones fighting pedophiles?  Makes you think, don’t it?


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