Further Fur

Fox Crimson over at Qu Qu Media provides a more serious look into what alt-furry is:


One thing still remains very clear and that is just how many people, even with the furry community at large, fail to grasp the sheer irony involved with altfurry as it began primarily as a reactionary movement whose purpose was to mock the extreme far left elements that had cropped up in the fandom in recent years. SJW’s, BLM sympathizers, punks, anarcho-communists and the like began whining louder than ever before following Trump’s victory on November 9th 2016. In the wake of Trump’s inauguration and the Berkley riots earlier this year, these fanatical leftists began demanding concessions that spilled over into the furry community. The more virulent among them began using passive-aggressive tactics to insult and shun anyone who didn’t adhere to their worldview.

What he describes sounds very similar to GamerGate in that many alt-furry hold fairly liberal views but are pushed into a position of fighting back because the totalitarian thought police won’t leave them alone.  SJW convergence is everywhere and needs to be fought everywhere.  You might think furries are degenerate and barking mad, but strange times call for strange allies.


Author: Nixon


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