Berkeley III

It’s being called the Battle of Berkeley III.  On April 15, 2017, another free speech, pro-Trump rally was held, and again the antifa/black bloc showed up to cause trouble.  The organizers of the rally had speeches planned and were assured that the Berkeley police would actually do their jobs this time.  But first they insisted that the folks attending the rally had to disarm themselves: no pepper spray, no sticks, etc.  These law-abiding citizens obeyed.  Did the antifa?  Heck no.  They maced/pepper-sprayed the Trump supporters, threw explosives, large rocks, bricks, glass bottles, used smoke bombs (that terribly back-fired – because wind direction — idiots!).

What did the police do?  They retreated and hid in their vans. Way to go law-enforcement (can we even call them that when they don’t enforce laws? or just do so selectively?): promise to protect the marchers, disarm them so they can’t as effectively protect themselves, and then retreat and leave them to the mercy of the antifa when things heat up.  It’s speculated that they were given a stand-down order again. Who is giving these orders?  I wonder how many of the police agree and how many feel like total jerks for not doing their jobs and watching innocent people, women pepper-sprayed and beat up or guys get serious head wounds from thrown bricks?

Ann Coulter is scheduled to speak at Berkeley on April 27.  Shall we expect a Battle of Berkeley IV? Probably.  Do you think the Trump supporters will listen this time and disarm themselves? They did pretty well defending themselves and their friends with fists alone, but I’m not sure if an unjust order to disarm has any moral weight or obligation to obey it.  At what point does the “law” become such a joke that one is no longer required to obey it?

Lauren Southern attended and spoke at the rally.  Here’s her commentary that day:

More from Lauren Southern, discussing with Stephen Molyneux:


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