Convergence Kills (Businesses)

Barbie doll sales fall by 15% after a ‘curvy’ version is introduced along with others featuring different skin tones

She was given a more ‘curvy’ figure for the first time in an effort to make her more realistic to young girls.

But it seems Barbie’s image overhaul has failed to prove a hit – with sales tumbling by 15 per cent.

Despite an initial rise when the change was introduced last year, US makers Mattel said revenues dipped in the first three months of the year to £574million.

The toy giant brought in a more diverse range to counter criticism that the doll set an unrealistic body image for girls.

Those horrible awful people who are racist and fat-shaming monsters aren’t buying toys!  Don’t they see this is Current Year?  They need to get with the program.  Well, we don’t need their money anyhow.

That does seem to be, however, what some companies are saying.  We don’t need their money.  Don’t want to get those bigot cooties on you y’know.  This attitude is showing up in online advertising.

Now Barbie’s sales have been in a slump for years.  But taking the SJW pandering path clearly hasn’t helped.  Other companies are way ahead of them (all of the publishing industry for example) and they haven’t shown massive profits either.  The advertising companies who are now getting the vapors at the idea that a bigot somewhere, somehow is looking at their advertisements are going to strangle small, online content creators, but in doing so, they’ll be strangling themselves.


Author: Nixon

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