The Rise of the Alt-Knights

Can you just hear the Left crying in fear, crying that they told you so: the right-wing death squads were coming?  They’ll probably take this as proof.  Over-looking the fact that this is primarily a defensive response to the violence the Left has been promoting and serving up for quite a while.  If you keep dishing up violence, are you really going to be surprised if the objects of that violence eventually turn around and dish it right back? We could just as easily say to the Left: we told you so; if you don’t stop asking for it, you’re gonna get it.

The Proud Boys provided Lauren Southern with a protective team when she attended the recent free speech rally at Berkeley (turned confrontation, as usual).  From their website: The Kids Are Alt-Knights; Based Stick Man Organizes Offical Miltary Arm of the Proud Boys

Shock waves were sent through the Proud Boy universe yesterday as Kyle Chapman, better known as the internet meme “Based Stick Man” announced on facebook he planned to start a Fraternal Order of Alt Knights (or “FOAK”) as a tactical defensive arm of the Proud Boys. The need for defense has grown since recent premeditated attacks by the radical Marxist group “Anti-Fa” have become the norm at any cultural event politically to the right of Jane Fonda…

In other related news, memes are scary, military-style propaganda: Don’t Look Now, But Extremists’ Meme Armies Are Turning Into Militias


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