Is Yoga Evil?

I’ve run across the idea that yoga having come from eastern spiritual tradition was somehow bad, but it always seemed sort of fringe, a little like the fundamentalist freak out over fantasy stories – a bit silly.  But then I ran across this: Yoga: a cautionary tale

This blogger has seemed very reasonable about things in the past, and she’s certainly not being hysterical about it.  I don’t doubt her personal experience, but…?  The one thing that doesn’t seem well-defined is this: is there a way to separate the physical movements just for exercise and lose the Hindu spiritual meaning?  This seems to be implying no, but how is it that the Church is able to transform other pagan practices but apparently not this one?


One thought on “Is Yoga Evil?”

  1. I think technically you can lovingly punch someone in the face. I mean, if my punching you in the face is done out of me willing the good for you–say to stop you from doing something terrible–then that is the loving thing to do.

    The yoga thing is weird though. It’s hard to believe that bending over and stretching your arms in different directions is inherently spiritual. Oh, well, maybe it’s a better safe than sorry sort of thing?

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