Can we have a little humility here?

Mgsr. Pope writes in his blog, I Love Pure Science Because I Love the Truth, “ that “settled science” is a faulty notion.” You should read the whole thing. He makes a lot of good points. I especially like numbers 5 and 6!

Can we have some humility please? Can we allow questions to be asked again without decrying those who dare to do so as deniers or as anti-science? Can we accept that science by its very nature flourishes in the presence of questions? Can I please ask a few questions without be called a knave, labeled a denier, or dismissed as just plain stupid? Here are just a few of the questions I’d like to ask:

  1. What evidence can you show me that evolution really is random mutation and utterly blind or undirected? I ask this because even before I was a serious Christian I could see design, order, and purpose everywhere I looked. I actually learned this in science class! How do you explain the interrelatedness of things at such an intricate and multilevel way?

  2. Why does the fossil record not widely or consistently show the very gradual morphing of one species into another, as the theory of macroevolution holds?

  3. How are we to interpret the sudden appearance and disappearance of species in the fossil record?

  4. What are we to make of the Cambrian explosion of life? How does this somewhat sudden appearance of multiple species conform with the theory of macroevolution over a long, steady period?

  5. Do we know what the ideal temperature for the planet Earth is?

  6. If the planet is in fact warming, why is this necessarily bad? Will only bad things happen or will some good things also occur?

  7. How do we weigh loss of beachfront property against the recovery of arable land in northern Canada and Siberia?

  8. How do we account for ice ages and warm periods prior to the age of man and higher carbon dioxide levels? How is the current warming different or worse?


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