Seth Rich and the 400 Pound Hacker

Megaupload Founder Kim Dotcom Claims Seth Rich Was DNC Leaker, Offers to Work with Special Counsel Mueller

Dotcom claims in the statement that his conversations with Seth Rich are what led to his comment in 2015 that Julian Assange would be “Hillary’s worst nightmare in 2016.” He added in the same interview, “I’m aware of some of the things that are going to be roadblocks for her.”

As part of the statement, Dotcom explains that he believes he should make a complete statement to U.S. authorities on his connections with Rich. He said his lawyers will work with the American government on creating a plan to do so, specifically naming former FBI director Robert Mueller, who has been named special counsel by the Justice Department to head the investigation into supposed connections between Russia and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Dotcom is currently targeted for extradition to the United States to face criminal charges related to his file-sharing website Megaupload, which authorities shut down in 2012.

I wonder how long it’ll take to find out if Dotcom is full of it or not. He’s been full of it before.  I ain’t holding my breath, but on the other hand, Dotcom did predict in May of 2015 that Julian Assange will be Hilary Clinton’s worst nightmare in 2016.  Maybe he already knew about the leaks to come.

Meanwhile, Fox News removed their Seth Rich story.

The trolls are out like mad.  Hannity is claiming that Mediamatters is trying to silence him and from the number of comments on his twitter demanding he be fire, I’m inclined to believe him.  We’ll see if he actually has anything to say on the matter like he’s claiming.


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