There’s no escaping the light

Everybody knows they’re supposed to wear sunscreen outside.  But did you know that you’re supposed to wear it inside too?  Sunlight comes through windows but worse than that: light comes out of your computer.

Doctor who looks after Taylor Swift’s skin warns we should wear SUNSCREEN when using phones and computers to avoid the same damage as sunbathing

Experts have long warned that UV rays from the sun are harmful to our skin.

But according to one skincare specialist, our smartphones and computers can cause just as much damage as the sun.

In fact, Dr Howard Murad – an American dermatologist to A-list stars including Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, and Jerry Hall – claims that spending four days in front of screens that emit harmful blue rays is the equivalent to 20 minutes in front of the sun.

Just as much damage as the sun.  Four days is the same as 20 minutes.  FOUR DAYS.  That’s real scary.

Friggin’ salemen is what it actual is.  Need to sell more sunscreen? Point out anything that emits light!


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