Obamacare, you’re fired!

Today the White House issued this statement:

President Donald J. Trump’s Administration is working tirelessly with the Senate to bring relief to the American people from the devastating effects of Obamacare. Americans are suffering under the limited choices and high costs brought on by Obamacare, and the President is committed to solving this problem once and for all by repealing and replacing the disastrous law. As Obamacare continues to implode on itself, the time to fix this broken system is now.

I’d say the time to fix it was yesterday, but I keep hoping that the Senate will actually start doing their jobs and delivering on what they’ve been promising and posturing about for years.

You can find plenty of statistical evidence why Obamacare hasn’t worked as promised and why it’s a disaster if you look online.  But here’s a bit of anecdotal evidence:

The father of a friend, who is a family practice doctor, is planning to retire as soon as possible to get out of the mess of Obamacare and insurance companies that are tying his hands to practice medicine in a way that is in the best interests of his patients.  Often he is forced to proscribe medication that might not be the best choice because it is what the insurance company will cover.  When he retires, the community that he serves will lose a well liked, experienced doctor who may not be replaced.

Another friend was recently sick with symptoms seeming rather like strep and he wasn’t getting better on his own.  When he called his usual clinic, they were booked a week out. This is a person who rarely goes to the doctor so it had been a long time since he’d last made an appointment.  This time was different than in the past.  The receptionist referred him to a walk-in clinic in a nearby city.  This seems to be the new norm: doctors’ offices are overwhelmed with patients.  There aren’t enough doctors to carry the load.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to get appointments in a reasonable amount of time. And if you’ve taken a child to your local pediatrician recently, you’ll have noticed that the waiting room is a lot fuller than it used to be, that you wait a lot longer to see the doctor.

Do you have insurance that costs buckets of money every month, but doesn’t actually cover anything?  Yeah, you’re not alone.  So say a prayer neither you nor anyone in your family gets sick and keep forking over the cash so someone else can have coverage – or to line the insurance executives pockets, whichever it is.







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