Cowards in the Cloth?

Leila Miller writes about a recent incident showing another Bishop, one that has actually been attempting to teach the truth, apparently cave to pressure.  Exactly what sort of pressure is anyone’s guess.

“Pride Month” starts with a bang and turned to a whimper…

…and I don’t mean all the “LGBTQ” activists and Pride(ful) parades and parties, nor the endless American corporations falling all over themselves to show how “woke” they are. (Oh, how very brave of them to receive all the applause and accolades of the cool kids!)

No, I mean the courage (bang!) of Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence, Rhode Island (not to be confused with “LGBTQ” promotor Cardinal Tobin of “nighty-night, baby” fame), who had the cahunas to tweet the following…

Read the rest here

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