Being Mary’s Heel

The heel of Mary refers to her crushing the head of the serpent and therefore fighting evil.  In this article from Crisis Magazine, Understanding and Combating the Francis Effect, the author describes the problem of Francis and how we should respond.

He has an interesting psychological analysis of the man, Francis.

Honest observers of his reign during the last five years would agree that the what of his agenda has been to pull the Church to the left in many ways, albeit with substantial ambiguity, as evidenced by Amoris Laetitia and many other public statements. Honesty would also dictate that the how of his pontificate—his modus operandi or leadership style—has been to use control, manipulation, and other dictatorial measures to accomplish his goals along with stonewalling, obfuscation, and subterfuge when needed.

…Such scant details still suggest unmet emotional needs (e.g., feeling loved, accepted, and not alone) in his family of origin. As someone who has rubbed shoulders with more than one dictatorial personality in my years in evangelical and evangelical-charismatic circles, I’d bet the house on it.

Being Mary’s Heel in the Day of the Francis Effect
The laity has received much advice in recent months on what to do in our day of scandal and crisis…

Jesus tells us to love our enemies, do good to those who hate us, bless those who curse us, and pray for those who mistreat us. In applying this passage to our day, it means that when the Francis Effect is autocratic, controlling, manipulative, and seeks to instill fear, we need to manifest humility in its myriad dimensions to counteract it.

This is spiritual warfare; it’s in humility that powers, principalities, and wickedness in high places are brought to nothing. It’s in a humiliated Son of Man being crucified on a tree that the works of the devil are destroyed.

The faithful Catholic laity becomes Mary’s Heel when it manifests this spirit of humility in these days of the Francis Effect. The temptation is to become a monster in order to slay the monster.

Sadly, in doing this, you end up with one dead monster, one live one, and the kingdom has not come on earth as it is in heaven.

Marxism again behind it

Our South American Pope and his Liberation theology background.

From the description of the latest issue of the magazine Calx Mariae :

Looking back at the Amazon Synod and while waiting for the apostolic exhortation, we may legitimately wonder, what precisely was it supposed to achieve? It had little to do with the Amazon and nothing to do with evangelising the indigenous people in the region. It was not even about female ordinations or the disturbing emergence of Pachamama. What then was the Amazon Synod really about?

Globalisation is the agenda of powerful international institutions inspired by Marxist and Masonic dreams of a utopian one-world family of nations, under one government and united in one religion. For this global one-world order (which without God will be disorder) to come about, the universal Church needs to be dismembered and her spiritual and moral authority dissolved in the one-world power. How the Holy See has supported the anti-life and anti-family U.N. Sustainable Development Goals and how the Amazon Synod endorses the globalist U.N. agenda are also discussed in this issue of Calx Mariae.

(Emphasis added.)

And here is another disturbing one from, If the Vatican wanted to destroy the Church, how would it behave differently?:

So many cover-up-of-abuse stories have emerged since then that they are losing their ability to shock. And even if one still experiences shock, there’s little time to recover from it before the Vatican administers the next shock. A short list would include the heavy emphasis on the needs of the LGBT community during the World Meeting of Families in Dublin, followed by a synod on youth and vocational discernment which had hardly a word to say about the vocation of marriage, and, then, an amazingly brief summit on sex abuse, which concluded that sex abuse was somehow caused by clericalism. It was also bewildering that Pope Francis kept promoting scandal-plagued prelates to offices for which they possess little or no qualifications.

All these developments, coming as they did in quick succession, have caused quite a bit of confusion among Catholics. And some people think the confusion is deliberate — the Vatican version of the Cloward-Piven Strategy. Devised by Columbia University-trained sociologists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven — a husband-wife team dedicated to political activism — the strategy advocated a strategic, organized overloading of the public welfare system. This would, as they wrote in a famous 1966 article in The Nation, create “a political crisis … that could lead to legislation for a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty.”

The strategy can be used to undermine confidence in any system — the immigration system, the electoral system, or the judicial system. The trick is to overwhelm the system with repeated demands in the hope that the resulting confusion will provide the conditions for implementing radical changes.

At this point, it’s difficult to avoid the conclusion that key Church leaders have adopted a similar strategy with the intention of discrediting and collapsing what they consider to be the outmoded “rigid” system of tradition-bound Catholicism.

I had never heard of the Cloward-Piven Strategy before. Interesting…

Don’t worry about climate change

I am old enough to remember the doomsayers and their predictions from the 1970s and on and how they didn’t happen. It is really sad that so many young people believe in a coming climate disaster and have decided not to have children for the sake of the environment. Or because they will have a terrible life in the future. has branched out and is including more topics. It is becoming a more general news site. They published a great piece on climate change from the American Thinker. It will greatly encourage you. For an example of how this idea has been around before, read this:

The Arctic Ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer, and in some places the seals are finding the water too hot. Reports from fishermen, seal hunters, and explorers all point to a radical change in climate conditions and hitherto unheard-of temperatures in the Arctic zone. Exploration expeditions report that scarcely any ice has been met as far north as 81 degrees 29 minutes. Within a few years it is predicted that due to the ice melt the sea will rise and make most coastal cities uninhabitable.” — from an Associated Press report published in The Washington Post on Nov. 2, 1922.

The mistake we continue to make all the time is to assume the rate of change remains constant. We cannot see what the future will bring. The big picture is too big for us to get outside of and see objectively. We are not God.

This is what we really should be worried about, not climate change

Yes, it’s the collapse of our civilization. This is a really long article but worth reading.

A few quotes from

The Rise of Birth Control & the Decline of Civilization


When cheap sex is easily attainable, a society crumbles: “as soon as the sexual opportunity of the society . . . was extended, the energy of the society . . . decreased and finally disappeared.”[74]

For whatever reason, cheap sex and sexual opportunity in a civilization allotted to women violates the natural law. When we violate the natural law, we fall. As Russell Kirk knew: “Deny a fact, and that fact will be your master.”[75]

Birth control, and to a lesser extent, abortion, are bringing about the destruction of our civilization. It is now only a matter of time before Western civilization collapses. According to Unwin, we cross the River Rubicon three generations from when the norms about sexual opportunities are relaxed.[76]

How then should we live in a collapsing civilization? With Christian hope, looking forward to our eternal home. As always.

Don’t Legalize Marijuana!

The recent Imprimis from Hillsdale College is a must read. This issue was on the connection between marijuana, mental illness and violence. It debunked all the pro marijuana propaganda. Smoking marijuana greatly increases developing schizophrenia, and because it increases paranoia, causes people to become violent. Actual statistics from several states including Oregon show an increase in murder rates after marijuana has been legalized.

A Vision of the Church Today

Introducing a Modern Master

Bernardo Aparicio García

Anyone who believes the great masters are gone forever, however, need only look at the art of Giovanni Gasparro. Like no other living artist I know about, his work is imbued with a freshness and power that brings new life to the tradition of figurative painting going back to the Renaissance. Yet he isn’t content just to meet the demanding standards of that tradition; he also builds upon it and pushes it in new directions.

One painting I want to mention in particular, because it is at once so magnificent and disturbing, is Saint Hildegard von Bingen’s Vision of the Church. The painting, which Gasparro completed in 2018, depicts a mystical vision reported by the saint in the year 1170—a terrifying image of the Church deformed. I leave you with St. Hildegard’s own words describing what she saw:

I had a vision of a woman of such beauty that the human mind is unable to comprehend. . . . But her face was stained with dust, her robe was ripped down the right side, her cloak had lost its sheen of beauty and her shoes had been blackened.
And she herself, in a voice loud with sorrow, was calling to the heights of heaven, saying, ‘Hear, heaven, how my face is sullied; mourn, earth, that my robe is torn; tremble, abyss, because my shoes are blackened!’

[. . .]For my Bridegroom’s wounds remain fresh and open as long as the wounds of men’s sins continue to gape. And Christ’s wounds remain open because of the sins of priests. They tear my robe, since they are violators of the Law, the Gospel and their own priesthood; they darken my cloak by neglecting, in every way, the precepts which they are meant to uphold; my shoes too are blackened, since priests do not keep to the straight paths of justice, which are hard and rugged, or set good examples to those beneath them. Nevertheless, in some of them I find the splendor of truth.

Archbishop Fulton Sheen Pray for Us


Why is it that we are unaware of how long things have been going bad? We tend to think the 1950’s were better than now? Read what Fulton Sheen said 72 years ago:

In a talk 72 years ago, Bishop Fulton Sheen appeared as visionary as prophets of old.

“We are at the end of Christendom.” Archbishop Fulton Sheen said during a talk in 1947. Making clear he didn’t mean Christianity or the Church, he said, “Christendom is economic, political, social life as inspired by Christian principles. That is ending — we’ve seen it die. Look at the symptoms: the breakup of the family, divorce, abortion, immorality, general dishonesty.”

Sheen wondered if we’re even aware of the signs of the times because “basic dogmas of the modern world [were] dissolving before our very eyes.” Replacing them were the assumptions man has (1) “no other function in life than to produce and acquire wealth,” (2) the idea man is naturally good and “has no need of a God to give Him rights, or a Redeemer to salvage him from guilt, because progress is automatic thanks to science-education and evolution, which will one day make man a kind of a god,” and (3) the idea reason isn’t for discovering “the meaning and goal of life, namely the salvation of the soul, but merely to devise new technical advances to make on this earth a city of man to displace the city of God.”

It’s a long article worth reading.