Think of the Children! Well, maybe nobody cares.

Once again our “Liberal” betters exhibit extraordinary hypocrisy.

“In the U.S. and other democracies, innocent children are routinely torn away from legally innocent parents in enormous numbers and for reasons that have nothing to do with their wishes, safety, health, or welfare. This is the routine practice of family courts, which—it is no exaggeration to say—hardly exist for any other purpose. In family court, a parent can file for divorce or separation and, without any evidence of any legal wrongdoing by the other parent, the courts will summarily force the other parent to stay away from his children on pain of incarceration. Any unauthorized contact with his or her own children is from that point a crime (for that parent, but not for anyone else on the planet). Recovering full access to one’s children is impossible, and many children never see their parents again. All of this is the product of the “no-fault” divorce revolution—a system of blatant injustice that was legislated as part of the radical feminist agenda in the 1970s.”



A very radical view – from a Libertarian.

Attached is a link to a book review on Amren.  (I know, I know, they’re the locus of Evil itself. Take a deep breath and read it anyway.) Given the usual Libertarian support for open borders, it’s more than a bit surprising that a Libertarian would come to realize that unlimited immigration is a disaster.

Hans-Hermann Hoppe, professor of economics at University of Nevada Las Vegas, is a different kind of libertarian. He shares — even surpasses — the usual libertarian contempt for government intrusion and compulsion, but recognizes “free immigration” for what it is: forcing strangers into communities of natives who want to be left alone. Prof. Hoppe recognizes that the right to discriminate, to keep out undesirables, is a fundamental freedom that only the servile would ever give up.

The Real Wakanda

Zambia’s Space Program

During the independence festivities only one noted Zambian failed to share in all the harmony. He is Edward Mukuka Nkoloso, a grade-school science teacher and the director of Zambia’s National Academy of Science, Space Research and Philosophy, who claimed the goings-on interfered with his space program to beat the U.S. and the Soviet Union to the moon. Already Nkoloso is training twelve Zambian astronauts, including a curvaceous 16-year-old girl, by spinning them around a tree in an oil drum and teaching them to walk on their hands, “the only way humans can walk on the moon.”