Net Neutrality: Neutral or Not?

Razorfist says not.


Shia Strikes Back

Shia Labeouf returns and he’s out for revenge!

Shia LaBeouf says neo-Nazis stole his art project in Tennessee

Months after an anti-Donald Trump flag was stolen from from a field in Greeneville, Tenn., actor Shia LaBeouf and fellow art project collaborators on Monday outed the Tennessee-based “neo-Nazis” they’re accusing of committing the crime.
Two individuals the artists identified as a Kingston-based married couple posted photos and other messages online bragging about stealing the flag, which users on image-sharing forum 4chan successfully located through their own investigation.

Turner said law enforcement has also identified the couple, but “nothing has happened” and no charges against them have been filed.

“It has not been a secret who they are, because they identified themselves,” Turner said.

In a statement LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner released on Monday identifying the couple, the trio wrote that they “feel morally compelled to name them, as the circumstances mean this is a matter of wider public safety.”

“Disturbingly, the authorities in Tennessee have so far failed to show the will to bring the perpetrators of this hate crime to justice, despite boasts online about their actions, their anti-Semitic motivation, and the fact that they lied to police,” according to the statement.

As of yet, there isn’t any news of the police actually doing anything yet so Shia doxxing attempt may not produce the desired affect.  What’s the next move for vigilante Shia?

Charlottesville: Orchestrated Violence

Well, we knew the supposedly alt-right caused violence was all narrative but it’s always surprising when someone not on that side of things comes out and admits it.

The System Repudiated

An “Independent Review Of The 2017 Protest Events In Charlottesville, Virginia,” by a team headed by Timothy J. Heaphy of the Richmond VA law firm Hunton & Williams commissioned by the Charlottesville city government, has just been released. The results are utterly damning. No accusation leveled on August 12 even approached the actual conduct of the Charlottesville Police Department. The only question: whether incompetence or malevolence was the greater factor.

The Heaphy Report raises major issues about the future of free speech in the United States, the influence of Leftist radicalism within government, and the politicization of law enforcement. But, as lawsuits are already pending, the specific events, decisions, and tactical police deployments highlighted in the Heaphy Report are likely to draw the most attention in the immediate future.

The smoking gun: the Heaphy report’s finding that the police never intended to separate the two sides, prevent violence, or allow the demonstration to take place. Instead, the Charlottesville Police wanted violence, which could then be used as an excuse to break up the demonstration.

Well worth reading the whole thing.

What have the police been doing for the past 24 years?

Seems a lot of people like to pipe and demand to know why victims of sexual abuse don’t go around naming names and trying to put molesters behind bars.  Maybe it’s because they already did.

Corey Feldman WAS telling the truth: Santa Barbara police say they’ve found historic audio of him naming abusers which he claims they then covered up

Police in California say they have uncovered a tape in which Corey Feldman lists the names of men who abused him in the past.

The former child actor had claimed in October that he had given the names of sexual predators in Hollywood to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office in 1993 during their investigation into Michael Jackson’s molestation charges.

But the sheriff’s office previously denied the claims, saying they had no records of Feldman revealing such information, however they have now changed their tune and stated that an audio recording has been found in a container from the original Michael Jackson child abuse investigation.

1993.  The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office sure did a good job on that case.


And they thought Milo was a bad speaker to have on campuses…

Another interesting piece of “reporting” from the Babylon Bee.

Cthulhu To Speak At Liberty University:

LYNCHBURG, VA—Liberty University has announced its next set of Convocation speakers for the coming semester, and among several prominent athletes and political figures is the ancient, brooding cosmic entity known as Cthulhu, sources confirmed Tuesday.

The horror from beyond time and space will address the student body, giving his remarks on living moral lives and voting Republican, according to Liberty reps.

“We’ve got a really special treat for all Liberty students: the Sleeper of R’lyeh from the unknown reaches of the stars,” Jerry Falwell Jr said in an announcement video. “It’s important to us that our students get a well-rounded experience while attending our university, and that includes hearing from varying perspectives, like various conservative politicians as well as the Great Dreamer from the blackest depths of the sea.”

“Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn! Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!” he added, his eyes glazing over in a trancelike stare.

According to Falwell, an expedition was sent to the murky waters of the South Pacific to extend an invitation to Cthulhu, who was taking a nap in his house at R’lyeh at the time, waking up to warmly accept the invitation to speak at the school.

Liberty University personnel claim rumors that Cthulhu will devour all of humanity after the event are unfounded.

MSM; fake news at its best

Here’s a funny piece from Babylon Bee (a site I stumbled upon today); it might be a slight exaggeration.

ABC News Reports Trump Nuked Entire World, Later Clarifies He Just Microwaved A Burrito

NEW YORK, NY—A special ABC News report Friday stated that a deranged President Donald Trump nuked the entire world, flattening the entirety of civilization into a gooey nothingness, before later issuing a minor correction stating that he actually just microwaved a burrito.

ABC News reporter Brian Ross broke the erroneous story, describing in great detail how Trump had finally decided he’d had enough and launched over 4,000 nuclear warheads at every single country on the planet. The White House quickly disputed the story, however, pointing out that in reality, the only thing Trump had nuked was a microwavable burrito “for 90 seconds on High.”

“We apologize for the minor error,” an ABC News spokesperson said Monday after the clarification had been issued. “One of our reporters did seem to suggest that Donald Trump instigated a nuclear apocalypse, destroying nearly all of humanity, and we recognize that is a minor factual error when compared with the actual event that occurred, that being the simple microwaving of a frozen snack.”

At publishing time, ABC News had reported that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was a Russian spy, before later clarifying that he had simply been seen purchasing a bottle of vodka.

Homicidal psychotic break, reasons possible pharmacological

Is it possible to have a homicidal psychotic break and do long term planning for a complex crime?  John Ringo has an interesting and personal take on the (now practically forgotten) Las Vegas shooting.  He relates his wife’s reaction to being put on a certain antidepressant.  It’s well worth reading the whole thing.

The specific issue was she had ‘an uncontrollable desire to do harm to those who do harm to others.’ Notably, she’d built up a list of persons on the Megan’s (sexual predators) List and had developed very carefully constructed kill plans for each. She was tracking them and targeting them carefully. She has an extensive background in forensics and was probably going to get away with it.

Now, people may look at the targets and go ‘Well… Uhm… having a hard time with that being ‘bad’.’ But to be very clear, my wife had shifted, subtly and without warning, from sweet, Christian, Miriam to serial killer. And I do mean without ANY REAL WARNING.
Most people think of ‘homicidal break’ as someone suddenly ‘grabbing a letter opener and carving their way out of Cost Accountancy and into forensic history.’ (H/t: the late Sir Terry Pratchett.)

That’s not, generally, how it works. How much planning and preparation a person does depends upon how rapid the onset is (months in Miriam’s case) and how good they are at planning and preparation. (Both Miriam and Paddock were planners. He was an accountant and multi-millionaire.)

So look at the story above and break it down:

Relatively normal person, perhaps a bit odd, has minor changes in behavior that no-one in their close circle really notices.

He/she is a methodical person with an agenda. Other people who’ve done mass kills simply did not do it right. He/she is going to do it right. He knows they hold concerts by the Mandalay. That’s the perfect venue for the most kills.

Suddenly they’re a mass killer for no apparent reason.