Shut up, Macron

So the French President stuck his foot in his mouth and stirred up an internet backlash.

‘My Family Is Not the Product of Ignorance’: Harvard Grad and Mom of 8 Takes on French President

The president of France shouldn’t speak for women—and certainly not on how many children they decide to have.

French President Emmanuel Macron recently said, “I always say: ‘Present me the woman who decided, being perfectly educated, to have seven, eight, or nine children.”

“Please present me with the young girl who decided to leave school at 10 in order to be married at 12,” he added during his remarks at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s “Goalkeepers” event, which was held last month in New York.

Of course, most women agree with Macron on child brides.

But it’s insulting to moms of large families to imply a big family is akin to marrying off children.

I spoke to one such woman, Catherine Ruth Pakaluk, an assistant professor of social research and economic thought at the Catholic University of America, who has eight children—and no regrets about that.

“When I saw [Macron’s] quotation, my first thought was, ‘Hey, wait a second, I exist, and I know lots of people like me that exist,’” Pakaluk, who received her bachelor’s degree at the University of Pennsylvania and her doctorate at Harvard University, told The Daily Signal in an interview.

She added that she thought plenty of moms of large families would share the reaction to Macron of thinking that, “Hey, wait, I exist, and my family is not the product of ignorance.”

Pakaluk also started a hashtag: #PostcardsforMacron, to showcase the big families some educated women choose to have. (See the rest here)

Plenty of moms have contributed pictures of their beautiful large families to #postcardsforMacron.

Macron’s comments about women having “too many” children are stupid for many reasons but the one about girls leaving school too young to marry… projection anyone?  Good grief.  He wasn’t a child bride obviously, but he is young-ish, childless, white, male, and the boy toy of a much older woman — a woman who was a teacher at his school!  He probably should have kept his mouth shut.

Other than incensing all the educated mothers of large families, he also brought on well deserved criticism for his elitist, patronizing attitude.  Only people with degrees are intelligent apparently.

Melody Lyons of the Essential Mother had a perfect response:

I don’t care what the president of France thinks about my motherhood and he doesn’t care what I think. Perhaps I shouldn’t even waste my time with this but I’m not writing for him.

I know that for every highly educated, wildly successful mother-of-many out there (and all the internet posts suggest they are abundant!), there are even more throughout history who are like me…

…A woman who started her family instead of finishing college.

….Who didn’t think the weight of debt was a good trade-off for the value of a degree.

…Who has gained knowledge and experience outside of the popular institutional model.

…Who believes that our creative purpose is not defined by a certificate.

The truth is that civilizations were built on the servant leadership of “uneducated” women who poured their natural gifts into the care of their husbands and children… who have gone on to lead the world.

It is not a weakness of womanhood that we bear this role. It is our genius. JPII said, “To serve is to reign” and those of us who rock the cradle understand this on a deeper level than men.

But the worldly reality is that even if Macron cared about the level of our education or our resumes (he does not), he can always point to the many women like me and say,

“She proves my point.”

I’m not going to play that game with him or the internet because, honestly, I can’t win it. I’m not educated or successful in any way that he specifically means. I also do not buy into his agenda (which is really his issue).

And… it doesn’t matter at all.

At the end of the day, Macron will still think I’m a stupid breeder and I will still have 8 children. Nothing about seeing alphabet soup after my name will ever change his perspective because his point is not really about education… it’s about elitist, narcissistic power, antagonistic to the heart of Jesus Christ.

My own true value as a mother will only ever be weighed correctly by the Power of my God, not by some haughty flash-in-the-pan politician.

To every mother who didn’t participate in the public hashtag event because perhaps you stumbled over your skinny worldly resume…

You are free. You are not defined by men like Macron. He IS talking about you but it doesn’t matter. Neither are you defined by the resume of another woman. They ARE impressive but irrelevant to the genius of your own life.

You are doing it the way the majority of women throughout history have done it. Without fancy modern degrees and accolades. Giving the best part of yourself to your family. Heroically. Quietly. Intelligently. Wisely. Keeper of the flame of love. Guardian of Joy and Faith. Carrying the weight of the restoration of culture on your back.

You don’t owe an explanation to Macron. And when his legacy dies with his mortal body, yours will live on through your children through history and eternity.


Chuck Norris Endorses Christendom College

No joke.  Chuck Norris for Christendom College!

Well, I guess all that clamor about Christendom being a rotten rape-tolerating school hasn’t gotten around to Chuck Norris.  Or maybe that no one’s taking it seriously.

Norris, a New York Times best-selling author, warned students and parents about the progressive transformation of colleges in America, calling many of them “one-sided” in their educational offerings. Rather than blindly assuming that any college will do, Norris recommended that parents and graduates look at private and Christian universities instead.

“I’m asked just about every year to give a commencement speech somewhere. I couldn’t accept any invitations this year due to being outside the country, so I’ll state here what I want to say to every student who is graduating and their parents. It’s a warning and a call for wisdom. … And there’s more you can do…. To counter so much progressive indoctrination in American culture, you can also have your graduates consider attending a private, conservative or Christian college or university, such as Liberty University, Biola University, Hillsdale College, Christendom College, Westmont College or Grove City College,” wrote Norris.

Read more here

A Better Choice Than “Gun-Free Zones”

If we can’t actually abolish all schools (though I think we should keep that option open) to stop school shootings, maybe abolishing “gun free zones” would be a step in the right direction.  Ann Coulter put together a helpful list for us.

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Here are some news items that might help us figure out how to reduce the number of school shooting victims.

  • May 3, 2017, Arlington, Texas: James Jones went to the Zona Caliente sports bar and began yelling incoherently. When the manager, Cesar Perez, went to talk to him and calm him down, Jones pulled out a gun and shot Perez dead, then started shooting wildly at patrons. Luckily, a concealed carry holder happened to be having dinner at Zona Caliente with his wife that night. He shot Jones dead before anyone else was hurt.
  • 7, 2016, Linndale, Ohio: Two men getting into their car in a Dollar Store parking lot were held up by a masked armed robber. As the gunman, Varshaun Stephen Dukes,was rifling through one of the men’s pockets, the other pulled out his concealed handgun and told him to stop. The robber fired at the man but missed. The concealed carry permit holder shot back, putting a .45 bullet in the robber’s brain. (Naturally, he survived.) All of this was captured on the Dollar Store’s surveillance camera, so no charges were brought against the armed citizen.
  • June 26, 2016, Lyman, South Carolina: Jody Ray Thompson opened fire in the crowded Playoffz nightclub, injuring three. But before he could kill anyone, he was shot in the leg by a club patron with a concealed carry license. Police arrested Thompson without further incident and no one died.
  • May 31, 2015, Conyers, Georgia: After arguing with a liquor store clerk, Jeffrey Scott Pitts returned with a gun and began shooting at everyone in the store, killing two. Todd Scott, who was there to buy a six-pack, returned fire. The crazed gunman fled, went home and shot his parents. “He was very surprised that he was not the only one in the store with a gun,” Scott said. Apart from the two people killed in Pitts’ opening barrage, no one died. Scott saved the lives of everyone else in that store.
  • July 24, 2014, Darby, Pennsylvania: Felon and psychiatric patient Richard Plotts pulled out a gun at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital, murdered his caseworker and wounded his psychiatrist, Dr. Lee Silverman. He would have kept shooting—Plotts had 39 more bullets—but the doctor pulled out his own gun and fired back, in violationof the hospital’s no-guns rule. No one else died.
  • 11, 2014, Portland, Oregon: After being turned away from a strip club in Portland, repeat felon Thomas Elliott Hjelmeland came back, wearing a clown mask, guns blazing. He hit a waitress, a security guard and a patron before a bouncer, concealed carry permit holder Jonathan Baer, returned fire and ended the attack. No one died.
  • 16, 2012, San Antonio, Texas: Jesus Manuel Garcia began shooting at the Santikos Mayan Palace movie theater from a nearby restaurant and continued shooting as he walked toward the theater. An armed off-duty cop shot Garcia four times, stopping the attack. No one died.
  • March 25, 2018, Boiling Springs, South Carolina: Jesse Gates kicked in a side door of the Southside Freewill Baptist Church during services, raised his gun to shoot—but was grabbed and held at gunpoint by the reverend’s grandson, a concealed carry permit holder. No one was hurt. Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright said, “I like the fact that a concealed weapons permit holder was prepared to protect the worshipers.”

It’s seems like it’s been awhile since we’ve heard of a crazed gunman being quickly disarmed at a school. Maybe because we’ve been trying to stop mass shootings with gun-free school zones.

Here are some older school shooting cases that had comparatively happy endings.

  • In 2001, 15-year-old Charles Williams tried to shoot up his high school in Santee, California, but luckily, an off-duty cop happened to be bringing his daughter to school that day. He ended Williams’ rampage with his own gun, holding him until more police arrived. Two fatalities.
  • In 1998, a 14-year-old student began shooting up a school dance being held at a restaurant in Edinboro, Pennsylvania. The restaurant owner pulled out a shotgun, keeping the death toll to one.
  • In 1997, a student shot several people at his high school in Pearl, Mississippi, killing two, and was headed to the junior high, until assistant principal Joel Myrick retrieved a .45 pistol from his car and pointed it at the gunman’s head. Another massacre averted.
  • In 1993, student Mark Duong pulled out a gun during his disciplinary hearing at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, wounding three people, including the police officer, who, luckily, had been asked to attend the hearing. The officer immediately shot the psychotic student dead, saving the lives of everyone in the room.

We can try the walkouts, rallies, moments of silence, media adulation, poems and fist salutes. But if the full arsenal of liberal disapprobation doesn’t stop schizophrenics from going on shooting sprees, concealed carry laws will at least save a lot of lives.

Christendom Advocacy and Water Quality Coalition

You’d think that the Christendom Advocacy and Support Coalition would keep to the stated scope of pressuring Christendom College to implement Title IX and make the president resign but of course in addition to being sexual assault “allies” they’re also terribly concerned about the environment.

Under fire for a lack of meaningful action by past student victims of alleged sexual assaults and rapes by classmates over nearly two decades, Christendom College’s administration now finds itself under scrutiny from a different direction. Royal Examiner has received a copy of a complaint sent to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) alleging a failing wastewater system that has been dumping into a nearby creek feeding into the Shenandoah River for an unknown amount of time.

A passage from the April 6 e-mail to DEQ states that, “Christendom is located right on the Shenandoah River. Their wastewater system is leaking into the river. I urge your office to look into this environmental matter for the protection and preservation of our waterways … The overflow (there’s a lot) goes straight into the creek/river … The wastewater system is very badly in need of upgrading and/or enlarging … it is nowhere near able to handle the volume of water the students use.”

The sender of the complaint said she was approached about the college’s wastewater problem after her name became known as part of the support group – the Christendom Advocacy Support Coalition (CASC) – for student and alumni sexual assault victims. However, she asked to remain anonymous for this story, a request we will honor. (Archive)

Why on earth would anyone approach a group that’s all about rape victims and tell them about a faulty wastewater system?  Unless maybe the CASC was fishing for things like this?  Oh, but it’s a great look for these ladies.  This is simply harassment.  They can spin it anyway they like but that’s what it is.  If they want to come out of this looking petty and retarded, they’re well on their way.

Rebrand and Expand

The Christendom Advocacy and Support Coalition is now an “initiative” of something called Dinah’s Voice.


Empowering students and holding Catholic institutions to a higher standard

Dinah’s Voice is a student-focused, survivor-driven organization whose mission is to raise awareness about sexual assault on Catholic high school and college campuses and ensure accountability from academic administrators. We firmly believe in St. Pope John Paul II’s teachings on Theology of the Body and in maintaining the dignity of all human persons.

How did the CASC get to be part of it this?

Dinah’s Voice is currently in the process of expanding our executive board & advisory council.

Executive Board:
Adele Chapline Smith, Founder & President

Donna Provencher, VP of Communications

Bridget Randolph, Interim VP of Public Policy

Advisory Council:
Greggory Gassman, Treasurer

Of course.  It’s just exactly the same people.  Christendom is too small.  They can’t get as much attention if they only focus on that.

Incidentally, I’m reading SJWs Always Double Down by Vox Day.  SJWs are not, as he points out, particularly competent people and are therefore drawn towards jobs where they don’t actually have to do anything worth while.  This means that HR departments, anything volunteer based, and non-profits tend to be the most converged:

The fact that most open source contributors are unpaid and the projects don’t need to make any money in order to accomplish their objectives is the primary reason that open source has been so rapidly converged in comparison with for-profit corporations.  It is also why the absolute breeding ground for SJWs is in the not-for-profit organizations.

Social justice is not profitable, but advocating for social justice most certainly can be.  And for the individual of limited talents beyond a capacity for expressing outrage, it is arguably the most profitable profession there is.

The Coalition Voice has probably got as far as they can with one school.  Christendom only has a lousy 19 victims (allegedly).  That’s not enough.  A wider net allows for find more violations of the narrative.  They need more outrage.

And the outrage won’t be stopping any time soon.  If anyone thought that should Christendom cave on the Title IX issue that the Coalition would be satisfied, consider current goings on at Franciscan University.  From the National Catholic Heretic:

Franciscan University also accepts federal money in the form of loans and grants and is therefore required to follow Department of Education statutes including Title IX, the federal law that mandates procedures for handling complaints of sexual discrimination, harassment or violence.

On its website, Franciscan University outlines its anti-sexual harassment policies in detail: “Franciscan prohibits conduct which constitutes sexual misconduct such as sexual harassment, sexual assault and other forms of sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking. …”

Since 2015, the university has required each student and staff member to watch a 53-minute video about Title IX and the Violence Against Women Act of 1994.

That is the official line, but as current and former students share stories among themselves, they find anecdotal evidence that suggests the university’s official commitment to preventing sexual assault and harassment may not measure up in practice.
Mary, a current graduate student, told NCR that over the course of a year, she and a number of other women had multiple complaints about a man in their department who asked “intimately personal questions,” demonstrated pestering behavior and hugged women despite repeated and firm requests to stop the touching. Mary said her supervisor requested written documentation of negative interactions.

Mary and other women submitted a written complaint to John Pizzuti, director of Campus Safety and Compliance, and to Pergi, the school’s human resources vice president in charge of Title IX. Neither Pizzuti nor Pergi asked to speak with the women, but one month later, they received a formal response from Pizzuti, stating that the university would be taking no further action.

“I have determined that there is no reasonable cause to believe that the University’s Policy on Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct may have been violated by [name redacted] at this time,” said the letter, a copy of which was shown to NCR.

But that’s not all.  There a good number of alleged rape cases where the students were “revictimized” by the school.  Title IX is only the first step.  No matter how it’s implemented it won’t be good enough.

Given that this new organization is the same people and that they’re SJWs, there isn’t going to be any real difference between the two.  As Vox says:

SJWs tend to utilize the exact same tactics over and over again, and even repeat the very same arguments, no matter with whom they are arguing or what the subject is.  They like to pose as if they are intelligent and well-educated, and they often possess academic credentials of one sort or another, but they are observably incompetent as well as dishonest and intentionally deceptive.

The Nonsense Coalition might morph to the Nonsense’s Voice but the nonsense part isn’t going to change.

Naivete and SJWs

It is somewhat understandable that people with little experience with SJWs and their tactics, people who are not internet dwellers and haven’t watched this play out again and again over the past ten years, people who are nice Christians, can’t quite wrap their heads around it when they or their organization gets attacked by SJWs.

A couple comments I’ve had privately from alumni of Christendom College illustrates this rather unfortunately. There is the idea that the CASC is genuine in their desires but have gone about it the wrong way, that they actually want to help people, that they think that Title IX does anything, or that they’re just crazy and not that much of a threat.

People like this can sure sound genuine. They can spout a good line about helping victims, about being victims. But they’re SJWs and SJWs always lie. Even if we were to believe them about being victims, there’s very little chance that their current campaign again this college has actually anything close to noble ambitions.

Nor does it matter what happened to these people in the past, whether they were victims or not. What matters now is what they’re doing now. To put too much emphasis on their victimhood as a cause is to deny them free will. It does not matter what happened to them. They’re choosing to be bad. They’re choosing to hurt people.

You might say that there’s a difference if, say, one of the people has admitted to being mentally ill. They can’t help themselves. But you wouldn’t let a mad dog run loose would you? If people are being hurt, we have an obligation to protect them regardless of the motivation or culpability of the party causing the injury.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions and people always choose evil under an aspect of the good so ignore how nice or honorable or hurt they’re claiming to be. Giving SJWs the benefit of the doubt will only give them more opportunities to cause harm.

The CASC are not a bunch of harmless cranks. They’re not a bunch of innocent victims lashing out in pain. They’re SJWs and they want to hurt you and destroy things that you love.

“Catholic” or not?

The Christendom Advocacy and Support Coalition seem to have been wise enough to refrain from using “Catholic” in their name but they do say this:

Is CASC a Catholic organization?
Yes. While we do not require members to be practicing Catholics, all of our members are Christendom alumni who are well versed in Church doctrine and teaching, our organizational mission is motivated from a desire to see a deeply Catholic approach to addressing the issue of sexual violence and supporting survivors of sexual trauma, and our official policies and resources will always conform fully with Church teachings as received via the infallible authority of the Magisterium.

The answer contradicts itself: yes, we’re Catholic but no, we’re not actually practicing Catholics.  Plus it’s very interesting to see that a “deeply Catholic approach” to these issues includes trying to get people fired for disagreeing with you.

While not using “Catholic” in their name is following canon law, consider the reason for that part of the law:

If an organization indicates that it is “Catholic,” persons who hear about it naturally will assume that it represents the Church’s interests–but if it is run by a group of lay people acting entirely on their own, this is not necessarily so. Such groups can potentially do a lot of harm, by “spinning” the Church’s generally teaching about human rights and dignity to support a specific social or political position, which the Church may be neutral about, or which may actually be at odds with Catholicism.

The Nonsense Coalition claims to be Catholic but likes to retweet homosexuals and far-left, pro-abortion politicians and post pictures like this.  They post on their website things like this: Bad Things Do Not Happen to Good Girls.  Another story of an alleged rape victim, this one makes the ones Simcha posted look almost not stupid and unbelievable by comparison.  But it’s also full of gems.  Like these:

The negligence that Christendom College displayed in addressing Adele’s case is intricately linked with the deeply entrenched misogynist preference that the Front Royal Catholic community (and the sort of people the College attracts) expresses towards men, at the expense of women’s safety.  This sexist sentiment is deeply ingrained in this community’s expression of Catholicism.
Can you guess what it might be like to be reared within a social group that systematically programs its girls to be breeders of children and caretakers of men, while this same social group raises its boys to externalize blame and responsibility while they assume their places among their brothers, fathers, and male elders as esteemed patriarchal leaders?

If what this woman says about Front Royal and Christendom College is to be believed, then the place is a hellhole and no piddly Title IX is going to save it.  But really it just sounds like she doesn’t like Catholicism:

Our sexuality does not exist for its own sake, but for the glory of a distant god, his virgin, sexless mother, and the salvation of a (naturally and through no fault of their own) morally deviant male race.
[Christendom College and the Front Royal Catholic community ] care about there being no premarital sex allowed (or at least spoken of), no birth control permitted (or at least spoken of); no threats to traditional family would be tolerated. The ultimate threat to their patriarchal utopia, Feminism is a dirty word. Women’s liberation, a laughable phenomenon, not worthy of discussion…. Homosexual or ‘gay’ is a popular insult. A joke, not to be taken seriously.
For these people in this town and at this college, mental illness is a choice, medication an admission of defeat, a source of shame. Abortion is the greatest sin; a woman’s ‘choice’ or agency over her body is a misnomer. An unspeakable affront. A greater stain on humankind even than the sin of slavery, for which the American South is infamous.
We fallen women have no recourse.

We are told. Subtly or otherwise.

Birth control is immoral. It is bad for women’s health.

But what we are not told is this.

What is more immediately bad for your health is sexually transmitted infections that can become cervical cancer. What is decidedly bad for your health is an unwanted pregnancy, a rape baby. What is bad for your health is thinking you are disgusting for something that was done to you that was not your fault. What is bad for your health is domestic violence. What is bad for your health is not realizing that you are a Person who has a right to have needs, wants, hopes, dreams.

Yep, if you’d just had birth control and abortions, none of these bad things would have happened.

Or you could recognize that as a young adult you made a lot of very stupid decisions (underage drinking, drinking and driving, sex).  It’s not the town’s fault.  It’s not the college’s fault.  It’s not the Church’s fault.  It might be your parents fault for continuing to let you go to college and not packing you off to a reform school when you were behaving so badly.  But in order to be empowered, in order to have agency, you have to take responsibility for what you did.

These women fail to realize that in order to solve the problems they’re complaining about the answer isn’t throwing yourself into modernity but going backwards.  Single sex schools and chaperones everywhere.  (If men are so evil why would you want to be around them anyway?)  Or maybe, they could just have self control and common sense.

But if the Nonsense Coalition won’t go for that and if they want modernity and all its sludge, then they shouldn’t call themselves Catholic.