Milo: 1 S&S: 0

It’s early in the game yet but having Simon and Schuster’s motion to dismiss refused is good.

After a video clip surfaced in which Yiannopoulos appeared to defend pedophilia, Simon & Schuster looked to extricate itself from a book deal with the right-wing provocateur. The book publisher sent a letter to Yiannopoulos in February, telling him that he didn’t need to return an $80,000 book advance and that it was terminating the contract. According to Simon & Schuster, when Yiannopoulos didn’t respond, it represented full satisfaction and discharge of its own obligations under the publishing agreement.

Yiannopoulos disagreed.

In a $10 million lawsuit, he accused Simon & Schuster of breaching the deal to publish his book, Dangerous, over fear of repercussions from progressives.

Simon & Schuster called the suit a “publicity stunt” and argued that by accepting payment without contemporaneous protest, the lawsuit was barred under the legal doctrine of accord and satisfaction.
After losing its motion to dismiss, Simon & Schuster will now have to answer the lawsuit. After the next discovery phase, it’s possible that with new evidence, the publisher will revive arguments that Yiannopoulos had intent to accept termination. Or Simon & Schuster may attempt to convince the judge that it had no obligation under the contract to actually publish his book. Based on the implication of certain statements at Thursday’s hearing, the coming answer could also potentially bring counterclaims against Yiannopoulos over his decision to self-publish.


Never Give Up! Never Divided!

Ah, man, I’ve been out of it: He Will Not Divide Us has been back since August. Only now it’s boring!

The joke was that Shia was going to stick his flag on a basement wall and film it and it seems like he’s done practically that.

He will not divide us flag on the wall

That really makes for some edge of your seat viewing.

Of course /pol/ already found it.

The World is Flat

Rapper B.o.B. raising funds to check if Earth is flat

US rapper B.o.B. is crowd-funding the launch of satellites to see if he can get some evidence to the contrary.

The rapper, whose real name is Bobby Ray Simmons Jr, has been a vocal proponent of the Flat Earth theory – the claim the Earth is, in fact, a disc and not spherical.

Some proponents of the Flat Earth theory claim NASA employees guard the edge of the world to prevent people falling off.
“I’m starting this GoFundMe because I would like to send one, if not multiple satellites, as far into space as I can, or into orbit as I can, to find the curve,” he said in a video on the page.

“I’m looking for the curve,” he added.

The curve which B.o.B refers to is a recurring theme in Flat Earthers’ conspiracy theories. Adherents believe that, were the Earth actually round, then the curvature of the Earth would be more visible to the naked eye.

The GoFundMe actually has a whopping $4,749 at the moment.

Those Flat Earth people are… special.

Flat earth

Yeah, somehow I don’t think B.o.B.’s satellites is gonna convince them because how can they know the data from them is any more real than the data from all the satellites already up there?

As a fruit with a retinue…

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It’s okay, spambot, I haven’t a clue what you’re trying to sell but I think we’ve got our decipherment figured out, thanks.

Goodbye Gab

There is a lot of high tempers, emotion, and misinformation about the spat between Vox Day and Gab.  From what I can tell, here’s what happened:

  • Vox got into it with neo-Nazi idiots
  • Idiots proceed to call him a pedophile and such things and attack his wife
  • Vox demands that they remove it and threatens to bring in Andrew Torba, CEO of Gab
  • Torba throws a snit fit and tells Vox to get a court order because he won’t take down defamation and won’t give up personal information of Nazis otherwise
  • Vox files to get court order
  • Torba proceeds to act like a toddler having a tantrum

Now when this started I wasn’t sure what was going on or if Vox was right to do what he’s doing, but I have long believed that you can learn a lot about a man’s position not from what he says or does but from how other people respond to him.  If those other people cannot provide any reasonable assault on his ideas or actions and instead scream and insult and lie, then there’s a fair chance that his position may be a good one.

At the very least, Andrew Torba has proved completely incapable of running a business that requires him to interact with the public.  Threatening your users or saying stupid things like “Cry more sweetie. Whine more.” to them would be grounds for any customer service representative to be fired on the spot.

I’m not willing to be on or have anything to do with a site or organization where there’s a good chance that you can be publicly attacked by the leadership.  Quite providential that I missed the boat for investing.  Deleted my account this morning.