Should (white) Americans have a connection to their cultural heritage?

European cultural heritage and pride in one’s (white) ancestors isn’t really allowed.  But maybe it should be.


Identity Politics 101

Youtuber and independent journalist Blonde in the Belly of the Beast asked this question in a recent video:  Can we eliminate identity politics?  Should we?

Speaking of those who are demanding the end of all identity politics, she had this to say:

There’s no way to implement this anyway.  To get people to abandon their ethinic or religious identity, the over-arching culture has to be strong and cohesive and offer a future to its people that’s worth fighting for.  We have none of  those things right now.  And we can’t ask human nature of turn itself on its head.  People will always work for those closest to them: their friend and their families, their small communities, their racial groups, their religious ties…

We cannot stop people from exhibiting in-group preference in political matters, especially not after exploiting it for over a century.

She also points out that the people calling the loudest for the end of identity politics don’t really mean the end of all identity politics; what they really mean is: identity politics for everyone except white people.  But no one will actually come out and say that.  They’re too busy virtue signalling.

Ending identity politics, Blonde says, is “completely unrealistic and utopian in a multicultural population.”  Which may be why the more the USA imports immigrants from other cultures, the worst these identity politic problems get.