Nick Sandmann vs Media Giants

Well, well, look at this video.  Good job guys.

Two months after a baseless media hit job was carried out on Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann and his fellow classmates, Sandmann’s legal team has released a social media video titled ‘Nick Sandmann vs Media Giants’ running with the #ReformOurMedia.

The video names CNN and The Washington Post as leaders of the media smears against the 16-year old March For Life participant.




Cucks Eat Covington Crow

The response on the “right” (i.e. cucks) to the Covington Catholic kids has been appalling.  They leap to condemn and swallow that main stream media story without the slightest hesitation: Trump kids BAD.  Trump kids racist.  Trump kids deserve what they get.

Luckily since we live in an age where everyone is filming everything at all times, the boys were quickly exonerated.  The media is now violently doubling down and the cucks are apologizing or pretending they never said anything like that at all.

Rod Dreher was one of the ones eating crow:

It is possible that the Catholic boys were complete asses. My initial judgment was that they certainly were that. You don’t treat a peaceful elderly person like this. Even if they thought he was wrong, those boys owed him respect. Yes, the old man approached them, but they could and should have handled him with respect. They come off as bullies.

But then I watched more clips, showing the greater context of the incident. It is not as simple as it has been portrayed. Below is a more complete video account of what happened. In it, one of the Catholic boys is overheard asking, “Does anybody know what he’s doing? Does anybody know what’s going on here.”

And, in it, one of the Indians with Phillips shouts: “White people, go back to Europe. This is not your land.” He curses the students with f-bombs (video is NSFW). He goes on: “You’re being a white man about it. That’s all you know how to do.”

You didn’t see that in the news reporting, did you?

Dreher even mentions an event that he had been present at years ago where he witnessed first hand the difference between what the media reports and what’s actually taking place.  Yet he hasn’t learn a damn thing.

I had the good fortune of not seeing anything about this story until it was debunked (the first I saw of it was on r/The_Donald), but even if I hadn’t, I probably would have assumed it was bunk.  There have been a host of similar stories in the past couple years each with an eerie similarity to them: they all turn out to be fake.  Fake hate crimes.  Fake Nazis.  Fake Trump supporters.  Fake news is turning into a cliche.  But the media keeps running with it and the cucks on the right gobble it and spit out nonsense about how we should be better, take the high road, and condemn everyone to the right of them as idiots and racists and trolls.

Most of the time the falsity of the story rolls out on the down low without many noticing it and no one having to walk their statements back.  This time it’s gotten out of hand.  The mob has come down on kids, threatened to kill them, to ruin their lives, and temporarily got their school shut down.

Dreher, however, hasn’t learned anything at all.  As evidenced by multiple comments through out his article like this:

To be clear, it is POSSIBLE that these boys really did make fun of this old Native American man. If that’s what happened, they should apologize.

Stop virtue signalling, you little toad.