Too Big to Boycott

Don’t bother to boycott Google! You can’t win!

You’d have to get an iPhone, because most smartphones run Android. You’d have to avoid YouTube and websites that embed YouTube videos. You’d also have to do some research, because Google runs not-so-obviously under the hood of many products. The search bar on many websites is secretly powered by Google. Uber uses Google Maps, although it’s trying to build its own version. You’d have to avoid a lot of websites or use an ad blocker, because tons of websites use Google’s AdSense network to support themselves. You’d have to check whether your employer uses Google Apps.

Then, you’d have to check the long list of companies owned by Google’s parent company, Alphabet, which is aiming to be the alpha and the omega. If you come across a Wi-Fi kiosk in any of 16 major cities, run the other way — it’s probably Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs. Oh, and you also may not be able to drive, because Sidewalk Labs is working on using city data to program traffic lights. OH! And you may not be able to walk on the sidewalk, because Sidewalk Labs wants to power smart street lights, too.
This isn’t to crow about how Google’s progressive attitudes will prevail over conservative ones. Its ubiquity, and the power that comes with it, is terrifying. I feel like I can still quit Facebook, but I can’t quit Google. And even if I did, it would have no effect. The people calling for a boycott misunderstand not just Google’s scale, but the mechanism of its power. If you’re a Google search user, you have no buying power. You are not the customer. You are not always right. You are the product, and you are just one of billions. If you fall off the back of the truck, you’ll simply be written off.

This writer is forgetting something rather important: if you don’t have anything to sell, you don’t have any customers. Google and companies like it are in the interesting position that their products are capable of walking away.

I had switched over to DuckDuckGo some time before the whole Google Memo thing happened. Now, thanks to the big G brilliantly killing and then restoring Dr. Peterson’s account, I don’t think I want to trust them with my data. We log into email accounts every day. They contain all kinds of important information. If suddenly one day my gmail account is gone, what am I supposed to do? Kick myself for not downloading everything and backing up thousands of emails?

So that’s exactly what I’ve done. Downloaded everything. And I’ve been researching alternatives to Google services. There’s a lot of other webmail out there. Other cloud storage. Other ways of collaborating over the internet. I despair of there ever being a usable video site but once Google bans everybody like Razorfist and Mister Metokur, there won’t be any point of going to Youtube anyway.

We might not be able to simply, easily, or quickly extract ourselves from Google’s grasp but why should you continue being a product when you don’t have to be?


The Rise of Alt-Tech & Google’s Rogue Elements

As all the major tech companies seem to be SJW-converged and hell-bent on destroying free speech, it’s time for a major backup plan.  The increasingly blatant bias and attacks on “wrong-think” by tech companies are turning up the heat, and I’m sure, motivating those developing alternatives to pick up the pace.  The free-speech, conservative, or just-not-that-SJW elements of the internet need alternative platforms asap.

The problem with having separate platforms is that reaching the fence-sitters, the moderates, or those who’ve been too caught up in their own daily lives to notice the culture war or to choose sides, becomes more challenging.  If the SJW’s want to create an uncross-able division between people and completely shutdown any hope of dialogue or seeing “the other” as anything but the enemy — they’re doing a darn good job.

Apparently, there’s been way too much red-pilling happening on the internet and the liberal-run tech companies are screaming: “Shut it down!  Shut it down now, before it’s too late!”

Here’s Mister Metokur’s take on it:

More recently, we’ve learned James Damore was the author of the Internal Memo.  Of course, he was fired.  But according to Vox Day, his gutsy decision to write and send out that memo will not lead to his destruction but maybe to better things:

Damore will be fine; he’s better off out of the SJW-converged madhouse and has already been offered jobs by Gab’s Andrew Torba and WikiLeaks’s Julian Assange.

Vox Day goes on to point out Google’s weakness and predicts the company’s eventual demise:

DH, who is one of the Dread Ilk’s expert data guy’s, explains.

“All of Google is kept afloat by one thing only. Adwords. They have no other significant source of income after a decade or more of trying to diversify. Every other business is borderline trivial when compared to AdWords. All the moonshots have failed. All the R&D has failed. It’s. All. AdWords.

The money-making core of Google is a tiny speck of its workforce, a tiny core of people who make AdWords work. The fear is not that 2/3 are SJWs, it’s that one or two or three of the key engineers, who are working on the next version of Search and Adwords, who are actively fighting and hardening against existential threats to the product, might walk, or even just do a slightly less great job.

Google is actually a very fragile company. They are ripe for disruption from a new player, or alternatively, to be drained from a few deep pocketed rivals. The entire bubble of online advertising stems from a belief that is often irrational that online advertising is effective at certain definitions of cost effectiveness.”

In other words, as the AdWords model fails, which is already happening, Google’s massive market cap is going to rapidly decline with it because all of its other businesses have failed to find traction. The company has observably entered the ideological death spiral that is the inevitable result of the Impossibility of Social Justice Convergence.

What comes to mind when I read this, and am reminded that there was a surprising amount of support for the Internal Memo at Google, is Star Wars’ Rogue One.  This may seem very geeky (and I’m not even that big a Star Wars fan…), but seeing Google’s internal weakness and that it lies in the hands of a relatively small number of people makes me think of the Death Star and it’s purposefully engineered sabotage point.

Out of fear and to maintain purity of thought, Google will probably start purging everyone who isn’t fully in-line with their ideology.  It’s not an unreasonable fear.  If you’re going to be fired anyway (or live in fear that your secret conservative views might be discovered and thus have your career destroyed), it would be tempting to under-perform at work or even screw some things up on your way out.  If it took me two seconds to think of this, how many badly-treated employees at Google, working there months, years, may be thinking the same things?  Google may be badly converged, but not everyone who works there is an SJW.  As the Internal Memo has proven, there are certainly rogue elements there.

Have you ever worked for a stupid, controlling employer who didn’t understand or appreciate any of the work you did, who considered you disposable?  How much did you feel like working hard for your employer?  It sounds like the work environment at Google is pretty awful.  That’s sure to stimulate innovation and growth and success, right?  Google’s about to find out how well that works…


The Coming Googlepocalypse

Google has done a great job making itself ubiquitous.  Gmail works great.  Google Drive is very useful for anyone who collaborates or switches computers a lot.  Hangouts.  Maps.  Translate.  Chrome.  Android.  Ads.  Search engine.  You name it.

So what happens if the benevolent Google decides to pick up its toys and go home?

The more ubiquitous Google is the more it’ll hurt when it decides to yank everything you’ve worked on and come to rely on away from you and deny you a platform.  It’s time for more alt-tech.