If They’re Effective, Destroy Them

It’s pretty high praise what the MSM and SJWs have been trying to do to Milo Yiannopoulos.  The more effective a person is the more important it is to shut them up.  They couldn’t make the white-nationalist, Nazi, alt-right narratives to stick.  Violent riots couldn’t stop him.  Every sneer and nasty name just makes him smile.  So they’ve really pulled out the stops this time: he’s a pedophile apologist.

They got him disinvited from CPAC and are trying to get him fired from Breitbart.  The real low blow is canceling his book.  And of course anything Milo says to defend himself isn’t good enough.

Now, let me be the first to say that if Milo really is condoning pedophilia, then we should burn him at the stake, but considering what a good job he’s been doing on college campus across the country, his book sales, and the amount of attention he’s been getting lately, it seems to be more likely that this is just a media hatchet job.  Plus consider how quick they were to jump on these accusations when they call anyone who even considers Pizzagate a tinfoil hat nutjob.  Milo says a couple ill considered things and that’s cause for public execution, but James Alfantis can tape children to tables and talk about “chicken lovers” in the caption for a picture of a baby on Instagram and no one bats an eye.  Double standard much?

I don’t particularly care about CPAC so whatever.  If Breitbart fires him… well, I started reading Breitbart because of Milo’s coverage of Gamergate.  If Milo goes, then so do I.  And Simon & Schuster, just waiting for a reason to drop it, were you?  I want my Milo book.  I want my Milo audio book.  I had better get it, and I hope however Milo ends up publishing it, he makes ten times the amount he was going to from those bastards.